Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ways to enhance elegance: straighten out those clothes!

Sadly, there is nothing elegant about a closet that looks like this...

Ironing is not a fun task, but crumpled clothing does not an elegant person make! And this trick for enhancing elegant applies to both men and women...

 ~ My short every day glace gloves look even more beautiful when paired with a freshly-iron dress! 

And for a time-saver to avoid having to iron at the last minute, try ironing your outfits before returning them to your closet. That way, any outfit will be fresh and pressed when it's time to wear!

 ~ Elegance is truly enhanced when my man cashmere gloves are paired with a freshly-pressed suit jacket or dress shirt. 

And if you're looking for a special place to store your Ines Gloves in your closet, each pair of shipped in a special glove box and wrapped in heavy paper.

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