Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ways to enhance elegance: manicure those nails!

Nibbled nails and chipped polish are not the best displays of elegance, particularly when wearing fingerless leather gloves.

My fingerless half scoop leather gloves are the perfect way to show off your elegant side, as well as your freshly manicured nails. Elegance does not require any fancy artistry... just a unique pair of leather gloves and neat nails.

To look your elegant best in a pair of my fingerless opera gloves, make sure your fingernails are kept neatly filed. For a manicure that is easily maintained, simply keep your fingernails shorter, as they are less likely to chip or break. If you like to wear nail polish, enhance your elegance by replacing the polish at the first sign of chipping.

And let us not forget our men of leather... my man fingerless peccary driving gloves are a unique way for the man in your life to show his elegant side. However, even men must keep their fingernails neatly filed for the attention to detail that true elegance requires...

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