Monday, February 24, 2014

Ways to enhance elegance: matching shoes & leather gloves!

Because enhancing your elegance means paying closer attention to the smaller details, why not dust off your favorite pair of heels and go over them for signs of wear. Buff out any scuffs, repair any damaged areas, and there is nothing more uplifting than stepping out after the lifts of your shoes have been replaced. I know it puts an extra bit of confidence in my step, to be sure.

Not to mention, treating my hands to a matching pair of Ines Gloves. Sisters Dakota and Ella Fanning recently appeared in delightful retro wardrobes that included my short every day glace gloves to complement their vintage footwear.

 ~ Lady Gaga is no stranger to elegance and uniqueness. This ensemble is no exception as she smartly matches her sensual past elbow gloves to her ultra-chic shoes!

 ~ my sensual almost elbow high stretch leather gloves in plum are perfectly combined with complementary shoes on the runway. 

Remember that true elegance does not require fancy clothes. Rather, it is all about simplicity - using what you already have to create something amazing. And we at Ines Gloves are always here to help!

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