Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ines Gloves' glove of the week

Do you ever have difficulty finding leather gloves to find your small, delicate hands? Have you had to resort to children's gloves in the past?

If you have had to answer "yes" to either of these questions, you may be interested in this week's glovey feature: my petite cashmere lined gloves!

These gloves are perfect for small, dainty hands, and are lined with luxurious red cashmere. A treat for your hardworking hands, inside and out! These special gloves are available in 9 wonderful colors.

As for sizing, these gloves fit sizes 5 - 5.5. To properly fit these gloves, the length of your middle finger should be approximately 7 cm, while the circumference of your hand should be 15 - 16 cm.

Enhance your elegance with a pair of my petite cashmere lined gloves to make an already dainty hand even more elegant...

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