Saturday, August 15, 2015

Beauty advice from Marilyn Monroe & Ines Gloves

                                Elegance... classic & simple 

Whether she was posing for fans, preparing for an on-screen entrance, or at a glitzy awards show, Marilyn Monroe always looked glamorous. In fact, she felt that women should wear clothes that were tight enough to show you're a women, but loose enough to show you're a lady. Great advice from perhaps the most beautiful icon of our time...

Marilyn herself was certainly not the size 0 that has come to be seen as the norm in Hollywood today. She was gracefully curvy, and wore clothing to show her beautiful figure. No matter what your size may be, match your selected ensemble to a pair of my sensual shoulder high gloves. These gloves show the graceful contours of your arms, never disappoint, and never judge...

Celebrate your unique style with Marilyn Monroe and Ines Gloves!!!

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