Thursday, May 14, 2015

Little known fact: falling plaster leads to new location for leather!

Did you know???

New York Fashion Week has moved between locations over the years, but this little known fact is certainly one for the fashion books!

In the 1970s and 1980s, American designers were desperate to find unique spaces in which to showcase their collections. In 1990, a VIP attendee at a Michael Kors event noticed ceiling plaster falling into her lap after becoming dislodged by the strong bass vibrations of the party music!

~ Michael Kors is very well-known for their high fashion and powerful presence during New York Fashion Week. In addition to looking great on the runways, Michael Kors looks fantastic when paired with my fashion scoop half gloves

It was then that "function over fashion" prevailed... from then on, NYFW was consolidated into the grand event that it is now, instead of smaller venues throughout the city. The party began at the Macklow Hotel on 44th Street, but was moved shortly thereafter to a series of white tents in Bryant Park.

~ Michael Kors' patented checkerboard pattern is perfectly complemented by my sensual glossy almost elbow high gloves

As we speak, a series of Ines Gloves have been hand-selected for shipping to New York, where they soon will be featured in a Vogue photo shoot. Perhaps they will even find their way onto the runways of Fashion Week!

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