Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The etiquette of long leather gloves

When you are stepping out to the theatre or to a gala event wearing an evening gown, a pair of long leather gloves will add an elegant to your ensemble that no other accessory can.

However, fashion etiquette dictates that the length of your leather glove is dependent upon the style of your dress - the shorter the sleeve, the longer the glove.

  • white (including the various shades of ivory, beige, taupe, etc) is the traditional color of the long leather glove, which is considered appropriate for any occasion on which long leather gloves are worn. 

 ~ my sensual cashmere almost elbow high gloves are essentially perfect for any occasion... even when paired with a furry vest. 

  • your long leather gloves should be put on in the privacy of your own home, and not in public. Begin by placing your hand into the glove, and slowly rolling the sleeve along the length of your arm. This ensures a smooth, fitted appearance that is simply elegant. 

 ~ Here, the stunning Marilyn Munro is ready for her evening in a pair of my sensual shoulder high gloves

  • your leather gloves must always be removed while eating, even if it is something as simple as an appetizer. It is acceptable to leave your gloves on while drinking, but they should be removed if the risk of spillage is too high. Please treat your Ines Gloves with the utmost of care!
  • leather gloves need not be removed when introducing yourself to other guests and shaking their hands. 
As always, if you need to remove your long leather gloves at any time in public, you should not draw attention to yourself. Instead, slide the arm of the glove down discreetly, and remove the glove hand from each finger carefully. Trust me, the unique and haute couture design of Ines Gloves will be attention enough! 

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