Monday, February 03, 2014

Janboelo teams up with Ines Gloves at Amsterdam Fashion Week!

Ines Gloves hits the runways of Amsterdam Fashion Week yet again... this time with reknowned designer Jan Boelo, who debuted his latest spring/ summer collection. We saw beautiful leather dresses, sensual oh-la-la leg gloves, exquisite gowns, and fabulous long leather gloves.

 ~ Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't drape yourself entirely in leather! Here, we have a rich Janboelo leather dress, paired with my sensual oh-la-la leg gloves and my sensual shoulder high gloves. Elegant! 

 ~ Personally, I LOVE this touch! An elegant, long wrap skirt that hides a very sensual secret... leg gloves! A special surprise that only you can decide when to reveal... 

And at the end of another incredible fashion appearance, Ines Gloves takes a well-deserved break and enjoys the Janboelo after-party... a celebration of style!

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