Monday, December 30, 2013

Stylish Ines acccessories: the long leather glove

~ show your inner rocker chic with a pair of my sensual glossy almost elbow high gloves.

Perhaps the most popular accessory of the season is the leather glove... and since they come in all shapes and sizes, I thought it may be helpful to point out some of Ines Gloves' classic categories of gloves. They're all so beautiful - which one do you choose???

~ this bold my fire red color draws perfect attention to my sensual past elbow gloves.

Oh, the long leather glove... at Ines Gloves, you can find long leather gloves that cloak your hand and fingers in buttery soft lambskin and end at your elbow, or those that luxuriously wrap your arms in leather and end just past your shoulder.

~ even actress Katherine Heigl enjoys the delightful elegance of my sensual stretch leather shoulder high gloves.  

Long gloves are the perfect way to play into this season's air of refinement and elegance. The luxurious feel of leather combined with its sensual scent is a modern take on dramatic, feminine sophistication.

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