Sunday, December 29, 2013

Solve the blues with leather...

Cobalt. Navy. Royal. What do these words have in common?

Easy... they represent the newest trend in glove color! Blue... and its many hues come together to create a new trend. Use your true blues to add a touch of color to your ensemble or simply go for your favorite pair of my nights black gloves to complement a new blue outfit.

The basic black glove enhances the elegance of any outfit, regardless of color. A shorter sleeve will work beautifully with my sensual past elbow gloves. Leave them fitted or scrunch them towards the wrist and add a colorful piece of jewelry.

For a cute pair of leather gloves, try my warm silk perforated gloves in a vibrant blue. The perforations are arranged to look like delicate flowers on the glove, while the warm silk lining gives a vintage twist to a unique design.

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