Friday, September 20, 2013

Ines loves shearling gloves!!!

The world of Ines Gloves is continually branching out to include new and wonderful designs, fabrics, and colors... just for you! A very unique and versatile new glove is my shearling-lined suede long gloves - a chic way to celebrate the autumn/ winter season.

These gloves are suede, with a warm, comfortable shearling lining. They can be worn over the elbow, or rolled down (as above) to show off this soft lining.

But what exactly is shearling???

Well, shearling is actually a sheep- or lambskin pelt that has gone through a shearing process. In this way, the wool fibers are trimmed to a uniform depth for maximal appearance, softness, and texture.

Shearling does not come from a sheep that has been shorn several times; rather, it comes from the pelt of a yearling sheep, which is only shorn once for this purpose. Then, the shearling gloves, coats, boots, or other accessories are made by tanning the pelt with the shorn wool still on it.

The end result is a garment with sueded leather on one side, and shorn wool fibers on the other! One of the most interesting facts about shearling is that it can both draw moisture away from the skin or can retain moisture, depending upon the humidity. This means that shearling garments are practical all year long!  

Shearling coats especially have been worn throughout Europe and Asia since ancient times. Though they do continue to be quite popular (especially in colder climates), their look has been modernized to become more fashionable. And even Ines herself has taken the shearling look to new heights!

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