Saturday, September 19, 2015

The way it works: moisturising gloves

I recently completed a blog series that provided tips to keep your hands looking soft and beautiful. One of the suggestions involved the use of classic glace gloves in cotton to essentially lock in the moisture applied to your hands for an overnight period. But how do they work and are they effective???

Regardless of your daily chores and responsibilities, the odds are that your hands will be heavily involved. However, this can result in dry, chapped, cracked hands. This effect becomes much worse in winter, when the cold enhances the drying effects of daily life. Though the previous blog posts made many useful suggestions, it is important to try them all and choose that which is most effective for you. For example, using a moisturising soap will often help, but it is the contact with water than can deplete the skin of its natural oils. Bottom line: the more you wash, the drier your hands can be.

Though hand creams and moisturiser are effective, they can often take a while to work. The solution: moisturising gloves! These special glace gloves can provide your skin with the extra moisture boost it needs to successfully navigate the cold of winter and the drying effecting of your daily activities. Many types of cotton gloves are available - some are designed to be used in combination with lotion, while others work alone.

Moisturising gloves range in price from $10 - $50, and can be purchased at drugstores, pharmacies, and department store. They contain various useful ingredients to help your skin, such as oils, vitamins, and aloe. These ingredients are typically including within the glove lining, so that additional lotions are not required. Some can even be scented, to create the ultimate spa experience! Just be careful if you have any fragrance allergies...

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