Monday, September 14, 2015

Ines' tips for softer hands: soap and suds!

Believe it or not, soap can be both the best and the worst way to keep your hands soft. It is all in the soap you choose...

Your choice of soap simply must be tailored to the unique needs of your skin and its tolerance of various soap ingredients. Experiment, explore, and try new varieties to find the soap the works best for you.

Another useful hint is to avoid strong scents and antibacterial soaps. A good starting point might be a soap that specifically advertises as moisturising or suited for sensitive skin.

Just like the skin on your hands, your Ines Gloves need love too. With much use comes much need for cleaning and care. Saddle soap can easily be used to remove those pesky marks and stains to keep your favorite leather gloves looking beautiful for a lifetime!

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