Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ines' tips for softer hands: gloves are forever

I have heard from at least 2 generations of women before me (my grandmother and my mother) that your hands will always tell your true age. Regardless of the money spent on rejuvenation products and makeup tricks, there are several important rules to follow in order to take care of your hands.

Wearing gloves is perhaps one of the most important ways to keep your hands soft and looking their best.

As soon as summer ends and autumn rolls in, I will place a pair of silk-lined long leather gloves in my handbag for easy use. It may seem a tad premature, but cool or cold air can induce dryness in your skin, making your hands appear rough and cracked. Gloves simply become mandatory during the winter! Fortunately, Ines Gloves has so many beautiful leather gloves to choose from, making glove wearing fun instead of feeling like an obligation.

Fashion aside, rubber gloves are imperative when housecleaning. Most cleaning products are damaging to the skin, even causing serious burns. They may not look the greatest, but their use will ensure that your hands remain soft for a lifetime.

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