Monday, September 07, 2015

Ines Gloves' glove of the week

As we slowly and perhaps gingerly bid adieu to a wondrous summer and face the colours and coolness of autumn, let me pose this question: have you ever picked up your brand-new iPhone on a cold winter day to text your best friend?? If so, then you'll know the frustration involved in balancing the phone in one hand and pulling off your warm leather gloves to get at the touch screen.

Fear not, leather lovers! Ines has come up with the perfect solution for you... My smartest touch screen classy leather gloves!

Gone are the days of frozen finger tips and incorrect spelling! These unique gloves are luxuriously lined with cashmere for warmth and comfort, and can be used with the iPhone and any other touch-enabled devices.

The pads of these gloves open to allow your fingers access to any touch screen. Ingenious!!

Try a pair of My smartest touch screen classy leather gloves for comfort, style, and practicality!

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