Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Beauty advice from Marilyn Monroe and Ines Gloves

Marilyn Munroe... a name that inspires beauty and elegance, just like Ines Gloves! Marilyn may have died long before her time, but she has left a legacy filled with helpful beauty advice that continues to apply today. She had curves, was not a size 0, and injected elegance in all that she did. Join me on a blog series that travels back in time to hear beauty advice from Marilyn herself...

Make your face glow... 

It has been rumoured that Marilyn Monroe applied hormone cream to her face, which created a soft layer of light coloured hair. When taking pictures and on movie sets, this fuzzy layer caught the light perfectly, creating a radiant look. 

Rather than altering the hair on your skin, this same radiant look can be created using highlighting cosmetics to bring out the natural facial contours and by using my every day glace leather gloves to put a smile on your face - a natural glow in itself!

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