Sunday, June 07, 2015

Joan Crawford embraces the ideals of Ines

Despite the difficulties brought about by the outbreak of World War II, women's fashion in the 1940s evolved to a more utilitarian look, while still maintaining chic elegance and femininity.

Actress Joan Crawford evolved her fashion as trends changed over the years. In the above photograph, she mimics the style of my elbow high leather gauntlet gloves... with no sign of losing the elegance for which she was known.

Joan carried her fashion prowess to the big screen with my every day glace leather gloves... chic 1940s fashion carries on with shoulder pads, elegant jewels, and peplum trims.

Visit your nearest vintage shop to capture the fashion essence from this beautiful era - and add a touch of elegance with Ines Gloves.
Despite the hardships of WWII, fashion in the 1940s still ruled as women everywhere embraced a more utilitarian (yet chic) look, and Hollywood's Golden Age stars - from Rita Hayworth to Katharine Hepburn - dazzled in gorgeous gowns. We highlight the key looks of the decade in 40 stunning images and list our favourite vintage fashion shops so you can get the style yourself...

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