Sunday, June 14, 2015

Five days, five looks, five gloves... a glove for man and woman

Vogue accessories editor Filipa Fino enjoys her polka dots, considering the pattern a "classic that is not so classic". Her leopard-print booties give the ensemble a contemporary flavour, but what Ines touch can we add?

The answer is quite simple: my every day glace leather gloves! These gloves are unlined, and available in many bright, happy colours to match any personality and ensemble. The best part is that you can easily treat yourself to 2 pairs, as you will get the second pair for 50% off! A guilty pleasure that is entirely affordable...

And don't think for a moment that polka dots are strictly for the ladies... my man special glace gloves bring neutrality to a modern polka dot suit. I have found in recent years that more contemporary men are moving towards boldly patterned suits, and away from classic, tailored looks. If you feel comfortable, let your wild personality shine!

Through it all, enhance your elegance with Ines Gloves...

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