Monday, April 06, 2015

The real-ness of Ines Gloves: a timeless debate

When choosing a pair of leather gloves, opting for genuine leather provides benefits that are definitely worth taking into account. Yes, faux leather may be cheaper, but when you are seeking comfort, warmth, and elegance for your hands, it is genuine leather that provides a superior level of fit and durability. Before making your final glove decision, consider these important benefits of genuine leather gloves:

~ genuine leather is more durable.

When properly cared for, natural leather will never crack and will continue to look amazing for years to come.

~ genuine leather is form-fitting.

Nothing compares to the unique fit of a pair of my sensual past elbow gloves. Natural leather gloves have the ability to mold to your hand, making it appear and feel as a second skin. This creates a more comfortable glove for your hand, and a more beautiful-looking glove in appearance.

Faux leather gloves can be broken in, but not only will they not mold to your hand, but they also lose their fit over time, making the glove fit loose until it can no longer be worn.

~ genuine leather is repaired more easily.

Are your Ines Gloves suffering from a small scratch or a surface crack? Most leather repair shops can quickly and easily make your well-worn gloves look new again. Unfortunately, with faux leather, this is not so easily done. Once faux leather becomes damaged, it cannot be repaired.

~ genuine leather is breathable.

Not only do we want our hands to be warm within a pair of gloves, we also want our skin to be protected from the drying effects of the cold. Only natural leather gloves can accomplish this, especially with a pair of my punched fashion leather driving gloves!

And then, there's the scent. When I pull my favourite pair of Ines Gloves from their box, my nose is inundated with the scent of beautiful, soft, lambskin leather... a scent like no other. The best part? That scent never seems to disappear with time.

From this, it seems that the choice is clear. Why purchase something artificial, when you can have and love the real thing for years to come? 

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