Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Paris Hilton spins in Ines leather

It was only 3 short years ago that Paris Hilton debuted and displayed her talents as a DJ in Brazil. Since that time, her performances have caught up to her fashion sense with just a touch of Ines!

 ~ On her debut evening at a nightclub in Brazil, Paris wowed her audience with a glittering outfit, great tunes, and a pair of my where are my fingers gloves

 ~ ~ Since her debut, Paris has been spotted repeatedly at various DJ venues and clubs with Ines Gloves. Here, she goes shorter with my fingerless half scoop gloves.  

Paris Hilton has always been a cut above when it comes to fashion and trending, and her new career as a DJ is no exception. Ines' fingerless gloves keep your hands looking beautiful, yet your fingers free to dabble where they may... anything can happen!

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