Monday, December 29, 2014

Ines' 12 days of Christmas ideas... for the fashionable! Day 12

On the twelfth (and final) day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

... 12 la clutch Ines,
... 11 petite petit fours,
... 10 leather leggings,
... 9 Ines Gloves gift cards,
... 8 monogram melamine,
... 7 cozy sweaters,
... 6 Tory Reva's,
... 5 golden rings!
... 4 bangle bracelets,
... 3 tubes of lipstick,
... 2 pairs of leather gloves,
... and some rain boots from Burberry!

Ines Gloves has branched into leather handbags! The glossy leather la clutch Ines is Ines' premiere clutch, and looks elegant with an ensemble of your choice - casual or dressy - the choice is yours! For an added, glossy bonus this Christmas season, pair your new Christmas clutch with a pair of glossy fashion fingerless driving gloves.

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