Friday, December 12, 2014

Advice from Ines... what NOT to wear - part 2

4. Wearing leather during the wrong season

If you're like me (and I believe many of you are!), one of my greatest pet peeves is having to put away my leather pants, long skirts, jackets, and Ines Gloves during the summer. Don't fret... all is not lost. You can still get your leather fix while keeping with the current season. I wear leather capris in the spring (still cool enough for leather without the sweltering heat of summer), which men can certainly do as well, or grab a pair of my man fingerless peccary driving gloves for an elegant look that keeps you cool!

5. Wearing leather pants that are too short

Always try on your leather pants before you buy them, as different design labels will have different measurement. Pants can always be altered if they are too long. Remember the rules: dressy leather pants should end at the top of the heel of your shoe, while casual leather pants can be worn to the bottom of the heel. Socks should not be revealed when walking!

6. Avoid wearing leather pants that sit too high

Leather pants at the waist are no longer in vogue for men. If you have a shorter waist, wear leather pants that sit lower on your hips or that have pockets in the front rather than the sides. Another trick is to purchase leather pants with a slightly larger waist size and a smaller inseam that what you would normally wear. This will allow you to wear your leather pants lower on your hips without tripping you.

Perhaps the most important rule of thumb when it comes to men and leather is to simply have fun. Leather is a timeless material that exudes elegance for both men and women. Don't pay attention to stereotypes... wear your leather and I guarantee you will love it!

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