Monday, November 03, 2014

Post-war glamour lives on... with Ines

This season has been marked by a return to a post-war era: nipped waists, full skirts, and leather gloves of the 1940s era... with a touch of filme noir glam.

the 1940s return with a pair of my sensual silk lined almost elbow high gloves.

The early 1940s saw global conflict as World War II raged on until 1945. Due to limitations on many everyday items, fashion trends changed drastically to ration fabric. Dresses and suits became much slimmer, using just enough fabric to sit or walk comfortably. Skirts were typically knee-length.

Dresses had a tendency to hug the waist, buttoned along the front, and were belted. Leather gloves were still very much worn in public, but it was more common to see my short every day glace gloves during the day. This allowed women to ration leather use, while still keeping the glovey trends alive.

The idea of "separates" was also popularized by designers of the 1940s era. This gave the public the illusion of having more outfits, due to the ability to mix and match the pieces. When assembling your 1940s-inspired look, be mindful of the restrictions of the time. Life was difficult, but fashion was always forward-thinking.

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