Thursday, October 30, 2014

Oh-so-many uses of driving gloves...

There are many types of gloves out there, but my man black peccary driving gloves are perhaps one of the finest driving gloves available.

Made from the finest peccary leather available, these gloves are buttery soft, very durable, and difficult to sew, which adds to their exclusivity.

But what do they do (besides look fabulous, that is)??? My man peccary driving gloves...

~ are designed to provide a tight grip, improved control while driving, and protection.
~ are made of soft, thin peccary leather, fitting like a second skin to avoid interfering with movement of the hands while driving.
~ are unlined for improved sensitivity and touch.
~ include perforations in the glove hand for ventilation and holes in the knuckle area for flexibility.
~ are also available as a fingerless driving glove and in cognac.

And why do we need them???

~ they are an intimate liaison between a man and his car.
esthetics: nothing stands out better in a convertible or a shiny sports car than my man peccary driving gloves!
safety: they provide a tighter, safer grip on the steering wheel.
comfort: they provide comfort and warmth to your hands, especially for long distance driving.
~ driving gloves add a touch of masculinity and give the impression of power.
~ they enhance the elegance of an already elegant man.

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