Monday, September 15, 2014

iNDiViDUALS unveils Ines!

A popular aspect of the Fashion Institute of Amsterdam, iNDiViDUALS, unveiled its new collection this past Wednesday at Het Huis met de Hoofden, which featured a new collaboration with Ines Gloves!

~ a polished silhouette is made even more elegant with my sensual almost elbow high gloves

This very special evening was attended by the glitteratie of Amsterdam: designer Mart Visser and Amsterdam Fashion Week program director Carlo Wijnands, among others prominent in the fashion industry.

Inspired by trends seen on the runways of Paris and Milan, the collections featured a melange of textures, prints, and poised silhouettes, all tied with Ines Gloves.

The Wednesday collection, designed over the course of 20 weeks, was inspired by forward thinking and the elegant, yet unconventional woman. This collection is as unique as the petite cashmere-lined gloves worn by the model above, and refers to the "glass half empty" philosophy. Just like the elegance of Ines, do we pair gloves with our upcoming weekend outfit or do we mourn the fashion choices of the past? The choice is yours...

This beautiful show at the Fashion Institute was filled with students, models, and makeup, hair, and production staff, who all contributed to the runway presentation. Hidden beneath the long, beautiful sleeves of an iNDiViDUALS creation are the long, beautiful sleeves of my sensual shoulder high gloves!

iNDiViDUALS and Ines Gloves... look for the new glove collection soon!

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