Monday, September 01, 2014

Happy September 1!!!

Welcome to autumn!

Autumn is, by far, my favourite season of the year. Yes, the warm, summer days are nice, but for someone with a pale, alabaster complexion like myself, the heat is not my friend. Not only that, but autumn is a time for colour, and Ines Gloves can cater to every colour and style palate imaginable. Autumn is also a time for long leather gloves!

Here is a brief preview of what we can expect on the runways for autumn 2014...

 ~ wool wraps are the perfect accessory this season to keep warm and fashionable. Pair any wrap with a colourful pair of my every day glace leather gloves...

 Oh my, yes! The perfect outfit for autumn is an all-leather outfit! Imagine the sensuality that comes with wrapping your entire body in luxurious leather! It's a feeling like no other... and Ines can help you top it all off with a pair of my pearl shorty gloves

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