Friday, July 11, 2014

Leather & fabulous this summer: luxurious leather shirt

You might think that wearing leather gloves in the heat of the summer is a foolish idea, but I am the first to tell you that Ines has designed her special gloves with practicality in mind... several of her glove styles are unlined to minimize the warmth they retain and most importantly, wearing a pair of gloves can protect your skin from the drying effects of the sun. Finally, it is important to note that our evenings have been cool, which favours a pair of gloves!

Which brings me to my overall point... for the summer, be daring and swap your cotton white t-shirt for a luxurious leather one. Leather shirts are the perfect way to introduce a classy, daytime or night-time look. Black leather is undoubtedly very versatile, but to celebrate summer, experiment with a variety of colors! For our men of leather this summer, a pair of unlined my man special glace gloves is just the accessory you need!

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