Monday, July 14, 2014

Choosing Ines Gloves to match your personality

Ines creates so many unique glove designs that it may prove difficult to choose a pair (or several!) that matches your own unique personality. Here are some helpful tips to be used during the selection process:

- glove material: if you will be using your gloves largely for warmth, then it may be prudent to choose a pair of Ines Gloves with a cashmere lining. However, if your gloves are for fashion over function, then the possibilities are limitless. A pair of my sensual almost elbow high gloves can be worn for warmth, or styled up with some bling-y accessories (bracelets, rings, etc).

- glove fit: Ines Gloves are meant to fit snugly. With time, however, your gloves will conform to the shape and curve of your hands for a beautiful, elegant fit like no other.

- glove stitching: since Ines Gloves are of haute couture quality, they are perfectly stitched for durability and longevity.

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