Friday, June 27, 2014

Invite black leather to your wedding...

Opera-length gloves first made their dramatic appearance in the pre-World War 1 era, and quickly became a symbol of feminine elegance. As this glovey trend caught on, necklines plunged, the sleeves of evening gowns grew shorter, and the gloves grew delightfully longer!

Before you slip into a pair of shoulder-high leather gloves, there are certain rules of etiquette that apply. Check out my blog posts dated 30 June and 20 July, 2013, to brush up on your long glovey etiquette before your big day.

Black shoulder-high gloves

Black leather gloves are extremely elegant, with a hint of sensuality. They are slimming, and are perhaps best for highlighting the feminine contours of the hands and arms, especially when paired with your wedding dress. Yes, black is bold... but a strapless, contemporary, and chic wedding dress with a pair of my sensual stretch leather shoulder-high gloves (in my nights) will stun your guests and make for a superb wedding day look.

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