Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Ines loves the King of Pop!

Known worldwide as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson was an icon of music, style, dance, and entertainment. Though he is gone before his time, his unique style has made a lasting imprint on our popular culture.

Perhaps the most recognizable Michael Jackson symbol is his iconic Swarovski crystal-studded glove worn during his Victory tour in 1984. As a measure of just how strong Michael's legacy is, this very glove was sold several years ago at a Las Vegas auction for an astronomical $190,000!

Stunning... believe it or not, this glove is actually a golf glove that was modified with plenty of bling for the King himself. He wore it on his left hand...

To add your own touch of bling, try on a pair of Ines' my bling only fingers leather gloves! These gloves share the uniqueness of Michael Jackson's blingy glove and add a touch of glitter to your fashion image. Your fingers will love you!

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