Saturday, May 17, 2014

Trends for spring: love that leather colour!

Now that we are finally able to emerge from our long wintery hibernation, it is clear that spring is here. Seeds are being planted, winter coats are being stored, and the spring/ summer leather gloves are back on!

For thousands of years, women have used gloves to complement their wardrobe, and it has only been within the recent few hundred years that leather gloves have become a staple trend in fashion. The most important part of wearing gloves for spring, however, is to be elegant without looking as though you're heading to the Met Ball...

This spring, take a hint from Carrie Bradshaw (Sex & The City) and use my short every day glace gloves in an explosive colour as a statement accessory with a more neutral, relaxed ensemble (ie blacks, greys, beige).

For our precious little girls who want to wear leather gloves, my little girl leather gloves in a delicious shade of pink are the perfect accessory for a beautiful afternoon of dress-up or heading to a Sunday picnic.

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