Thursday, May 01, 2014

Ines Gloves' glove of the week

Ines Gloves are already known worldwide for their uniqueness, but Ines has outdone herself yet again by giving leather fashionistas everywhere something new for their glovey wardrobe... stretchy lambskin leather!

Introducing my sensual almost elbow-high stretch leather gloves...

These gloves are made from the thinnest, softest, highest quality lambskin leather for a desirable leather feeling. Comfortable, supple, and oh-so-soft...

When looking to size your stretchy leather gloves, we advise selecting one size smaller than normal. Be extra careful when donning and removing your new stretch leather gloves... if you take care of them properly, they will continue to provide elegance and superior fit for a lifetime. Take a peek at the video below to see how these gloves can stretch their way into your leather wardrobe!!

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