Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Ines Gloves and a little bit of love...

Over the years, gloves have been used for much more than a fashion accessory; gloves can express emotions... love, power, desire, anger... through the use of color, texture, gesture, and behavior.

The following is an excerpt from Friedrich Schiller's poem The Glove, which describes the lengths a man would go through to show his love for a woman... even if it means saving a glove from dangerous animals. I would do the same... especially if it's an Ines Glove!

From the balcony raised high above
A fair hand lets fall down a glove
Into the lists, where 'tis seen
The lion and tiger between.

To the knight, Sir Delorges, in tone of jest,
Then speaks young Cunigund fair;
"Sir Knight, if the love that thou feel'st in thy breast
Is as warm as thou'rt wont at each moment to swear,
Pick up, I pray thee, the glove that lies there!"

And the knight, in a moment, with dauntless tread,
Jumps into the lists, nor seeks to linger,
And, from out the midst of those monsters dread,
Picks up the glove with a daring finger.

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