Sunday, March 16, 2014

The choice of Ines Gloves for your man...

Determining the best leather glove design for your man is no easy task, and essentially depends upon how they will be used, when they will be worn, and, most importantly, personal preference. Some gloves are designed for a more casual type of wear, while others are best suited for an evening out... you decide!

Type of leather

The type of leather you choose for your man's gloves will depend upon what he will use his gloves for. If he is looking for something a bit more formal and stylish, the classic my man glace gloves are always a versatile option.

However, in terms of durability and longevity, my man alpaca lined peccary gloves provide a practical, warm, and fashionable option for leather glove lovers.

Type of closure

Perhaps the most elegant type of closure for men's leather gloves is the button closure...

When on my man best peccary driving gloves, this button makes for a dressier glove, and is a great way to ensure that your glove is securely on your hand!

Choice of glove lining

Men's leather gloves at Ines are available with a variety of lining types. The choice of glove lining will depend upon personal preference and climate conditions when the gloves are worn.

My man cashmere gloves are perfectly suitable for elegant dress, while the majority of driving gloves are unlined to optimize dexterity when gripping the wheel.

No matter which glove option you choose, Ines Gloves has a glove in every size, shape, and color... just for our men of leather.

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