Friday, March 14, 2014

The beauty of stretch leather...

If you want gloves that feel like a second skin, then try Ines' line of stretch leather gloves. These gloves are made from the highest quality lambskin, and prepared specifically to be ultra-thin, supple, and to follow the contours of your hands, fingers, and arms.

The manufacture of stretch leather is based upon the layered structure of leather itself. Stretch leather is formed by combining a specific type of leather at very high temperatures (120 degrees Celsius) with a material whose elastic and failure rate are lower than that of leather. The result is thin, form-fitting leather that retains its original shape.

In keeping with Ines quality, our stretch leather is imported from a quality leather manufacturer in France... a very expensive procedure, but totally worth it for these gloves!

When it comes to sizing stretch leather gloves, they are uniquely designed to be form-fitting. As such, we recommend that you select one size smaller than you typically would. Available as almost elbow high and shoulder high gloves, stretch leather gloves are the latest in haute couture.

Browse through our collection of stretch leather gloves, available at the Ines Gloves' gloveshop!

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