Monday, March 03, 2014

Bringing love with gloves...

Netherlands fashion model Irena Pantelic was recently present at a photo shoot that featured Canadian-born but Netherlands-based personal shopper and design label Maison Morgan-Zara and our very own Ines Gloves!

Irena was so impressed with her gloves that she even posted on the Ines facebook page, complimenting the unique color of the gloves. The image above says it all... my fashion driving gloves in a brilliant pink brighten the day and bring out a beautiful smile!

Another unique feature of Ines Gloves is their design. You will find gloves of every shape and size, and perhaps even some you would never have dreamed of. A perfect example? My fingerless half scoop leather gloves... a taste of a half glove without the fingers!

Driving gloves aren't just for driving! Irena pairs a beautiful dress with my fashion fingerless driving gloves in yellow to brighten her ensemble.

Visit the Ines Gloves' facebook page for more photos from Irena's photo session and more gloves!

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