Friday, February 28, 2014

Ways to enhance elegance: flawless makeup

One of the keys to enhancing elegance is to pair your favorite Ines Gloves with not only an elegant ensemble, but flawless makeup as well. Having a clean, outward appearance will give you the confidence you need to step out and really shine!

The key to flawless make-up application? Less is more...

Rhianna uses a pair of black my happy knot gloves and false eyelashes to complete an edgy, yet elegant look while performing at the SuperBowl.

Apply your makeup carefully, and make any necessary repairs throughout the day. Carrying some pressed powder and lip gloss are 2 essential items that I know I can't live without.

Dark elegance... for the cosmetic connaisseurs out there, the smoky eye and a pair of my glossy glace gloves are the perfect combination for an elegant evening look.

Remember that an elegant woman keeps her make-up simple... no need for bright colors and complications. Have fun!

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