Thursday, February 06, 2014

Irena Pantelic wears Ines Gloves!

Netherlands' model Irena Pantelic was recently involved in a photography session with fashion photographer Boje Ploeg.

The clothes? Hand-selected by Maison Morgan-Zara...

The gloves? Only Ines!

Carefully chosen pieces were matched with luxurious, brightly-colored leather gloves to make for some very attractive photographs...

 ~ my fashion driving gloves in my candy pink are a perfect complement to the basic black of Irena's wardrobe...

 ~ what better way to greet the spring than with a delightful pastel? My fashion fingerless driving gloves in my dawn provide a unique wardrobe accessory with a practical purpose. 

Visit the Ines Gloves' facebook page for more photos from this shoot!

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