Thursday, February 20, 2014

Best ways to stretch Ines leather gloves

We may not like to hear it, but glove fit can change over the years. Sometimes, it's because the glove does not retain it's shape, but other times, our hands can become swollen. Ines Gloves retain their shape and beauty, but what happens when your favorite pair of gloves is now just a bit too tight?

Being a type of hide, leather will stretch. However, to avoid the extra labor, Ines Gloves has introduced the unique my sensual almost elbow high stretch leather gloves, which conform snugly to the contours of the hand and are gloves of the thinnest lambskin.

If you do need a little stretch, try out these do-it-yourself methods:

~ normal wear: leather has the ability to stretch naturally with regular wear. So, wear your Ines Gloves constantly for several days, and you will feel them begin to relax. Note that the best leather gloves fit like a second skin, but should not cut off your circulation.

~ add a little moisture: water is not necessarily a natural enemy of leather gloves, but it must be used sparingly. Prepare a solution of 3 parts water to 1 part rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Spray your gloves lightly, inside and out, just to dampen them and wear them constantly until they dry. This may require 2 - 3 hours.

 ~ my sensual past elbow gloves will continue their elegance for years to come with proper care. 

~ apply a leather conditioner: conditioning your leather gloves will prevent them from drying out and shrinking. Ensure to only use a lanolin-based conditioner, as other products can stain your precious leather.

If you take proper care of your Ines Gloves, they will take care of you. These elegant, unique gloves can be stretched up to about 5% in length or width, but they cannot be stretched up a full size. When purchasing your gloves, check out the useful glove sizing chart in the gloveshop!

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