Friday, January 31, 2014

The unique history of driving gloves

The first automobiles to venture along the gravel roads of the early 19th century had steering wheels consisting of wood or uncovered metal. These cars were also poorly insulated and lacked any form of heating or cooling system. 

Enter the driving glove... the innovative solution to cold hands in winter and hot, sweaty hands in summer! It was a natural transition for most people - men would wear riding gloves on horseback to protect againsat callouses, and continued this trend when behind the wheel. At Ines Gloves, however, we've taken this historical glove and made it both practical and stylish! 

 ~ my man gray driving gloves are made from the softest lambskin for added comfort, and can be worn behind the wheel or with a business suit for added elegance. 

Though steering wheel construction has evolved significantly since the first automobile, the need for driving gloves has become less of a necessity and more of an elegant accessory. At Ines Gloves, all driving gloves are made from the finest quality leather, and are available in several styles and leather types. 

 ~ my man exclusive peccary leather gloves are an exclusive Ines design, made from the finest peccary leather. These gloves are supple, durable, and of a unique fit. 

For the summer months, my man fingerless peccary driving gloves still allow you to wear a fabulous pair of leather gloves, while keeping your hands cool and dry! 

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