Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The best of care for the best of gloves

Genuine leather is a superior material for the unique gloves of Ines. When they are properly cared for, they can endure for a lifetime! Also, in taking the right steps to clean your Ines Gloves, they essentially become resistant to minor cracks, scrapes, and scuffs.

To get the most out of your fabulous Ines Gloves, follow these easy steps: 

~ determine your leather type. Before knowing which leather product to use for your Ines Gloves, you need to know which type of leather you are dealing with. If the leather is soft to the touch with a beautiful sheen as in my silk lined every day glace gloves, then you have a beautiful pair of finished lambskin gloves. 

~ clean, clean, clean! It is important that your Ines Gloves are as clean as possible before conditioning them, and the best way to do this is to use warm, soapy water and a soft sponge. Avoid getting your gloves too wet, and squeeze excess water from the sponge before applying it to your gloves.

~ be gentle. Even the softest leather is still quite porous. Vigorous scrubbing will only rub the stains in more, or even cause the surface leather to rub away. Use a gentle, circular motion to massage away any stains. Even my sensual indulging gloves Bolero can be cleaned in this manner to keep looking beautiful!

~ air dry. Before applying any conditioner or protector to your Ines Gloves, it is imperative that your gloves dry. Never leave them in direct sunlight, as this will only cause them to crack. Place or hang your gloves in a warm, well-ventilated area and allow the moisture to naturally evaporate away. This important step applies to gloves of any leather, and even the cashmere lining of my petite cashmere lined gloves.

~ apply a conditioner. There are so many leather conditioners available for gloves today, but it is important to follow the directions carefully. Gently massage the solution into the surface of your gloves, until they feel soft, smooth, and supple. 

Your Ines Gloves  are a beautiful investment in fashion, and if properly cared for, they will continue their elegance for years to come. 

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