Monday, December 09, 2013

Winter weather leather

Leather, leather, leather.... this material will never disappoint during the cold, blustery months of winter and will work to make everyone a little more elegant. But how are we wearing leather this season?? Well, leather is back on the runway with delightful new ways to create wintery ensembles with our favorite material.

~ my fashion scoop half gloves are an eye-catching addition to this leather business ensemble.

This season, the basic leather pieces that you may already have become more indulgent than ever! They look and feel buttery soft, will add warmth to the winter, and will use deep, luxurious colors and funky geometric patterns.

~ accessorize an all-leather outfit with an innovative accessory: my where are my fingers gloves!

The theme for winter 2014 is uniqueness, doing things differently. That's exactly what Ines Gloves specializes in: innovation, exclusivity, elegance.

And the use of color... gone are the days of basic black. The lightest and iciest colors of winter take the stage and become intense and intimate. Firey red becomes a smoldering ember...

~ seeing red is expected this winter, but don't hesitate to mix colors in new and interesting ways. My where are my fingers gloves can make a great accessory!

Winter style ventures along 2 different paths: the journey towards the contemporary with its clean-cut, sharp lines; and the excessive, which involves the courage to defy trends of the past and add a bit of the present.

~ the mixing of the high-waisted pants of days gone by with leather and the addition of my where are my fingers glossy gloves show defiance to the contemporary in order to create the unique.

The most important idea to remember this winter is that more than ever, elegance comes from emotion, and is portrayed through the use of intense color, attention to detail, interesting patterns, and the ever-present search for buttery soft leather.

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