Saturday, December 07, 2013

The elegance of Ines... at the Olde Hide House

Nestled away in a small corner of Acton, Ontario, Canada (population: 9,704), lies a rare find indeed... an entire warehouse of leather fashion! The Olde Hide House is a truly unique shopping experience, as the entire store is housed within an historic tannery warehouse!

Beardmore & Company first opened their doors in 1899 to support the plentiful leather industry. Animal hides were shipped in via train and stored in the warehouse pictured above prior to transport to the tannery for processing. Completed leather products were also kept in this same building before being shipped to other locations for sale.

Now, over 100 years later, this historic property has been transformed into an incredible leather store, featuring leather coats, jackets, handbags, slippers, pants, and gloves for both men and women.

When you step inside the antiquated walls of the Olde Hide House, your senses immediately become overwhelmed by the pleasant aroma of leather. A small entranceway opens up to reveal a vast display of everything leather... all items are of superior quality, made right in Canada, and are reminiscent of the elegance and style of Ines Gloves. Here's a peek at some of the amazing finds at the Olde Hide house...

What is it about the combination of black-and-white leather??? It's sleek, sensual, and very sophisticated! This jacket would look perfect paired with a splash of color, such as my fashion scoop half gloves in my fire (red).

One of my favorite aspects of the Olde Hide House is that they have a huge section of leather wear for men! They go beyond the typical black leather jacket, using different leather hides, dyes, and styles to cater to every man's taste. The jacket featured above can be dressed smartly or casually... with my man glace gloves for a classy, elegant look.

Oh, to be draped in leather! What a sensual feeling! This leather top is Canadian-made from the softest of leathers, using a design that flatters the feminine figure, much like the design of Ines' my sensual indulging Gloves Bolero, which also wraps the wearer in leather and does not let go!

Again, yet another special leather item for the man in your life! Far from just the same old black leather jacket... instead, a delightful light color for the spring/ summer season that can be accessorized with my man bare knuckles elk gloves for a unique combination of different hides to give one amazing style!

Though the town of Acton may be small, it hides a very keen sense of fashion. Visit the Olde Hide House and embark on a sensual leather experience!

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