Thursday, December 12, 2013

Investing in the military with leather

The runways of fall 2013 Fashion Week were filled with a strong military presence... well, the military style, that is. This means that the khaki green of camouflage is going to have a strong presence in your closet.

This new utilitarian trend does not have to be boring. Make your military look more elegant by wearing military-style jackets with ruffles, feminine-inspired tailored tops, slim pants, and a unique pair of Ines Gloves. The ensemble featured above is perfectly accented by a pair of my warm silk buckle gloves... a simple design, yet the buckles will complement the rugged cut of the military jacket.

Pop singer Shakira adopts the military style on stage with a rather interesting leather military jacket and a pair of my fashion fingerless driving gloves. For a change, try pairing your military jacket with a splash of color. Still trendy... with a twist all your own.

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