Monday, November 25, 2013

Real versus faux leather... Is there a difference?

You bet there is... a huge difference in quality, texture, and durability.

In this era of fashion and elegance, many people are leaning towards more animal-friendly products, which includes leather. Now, I am never one to force my personal beliefs onto others, but it is my opinion that genuine leather products are the most durable, most unique, and the most elegant available today! This is why Ines Gloves only chooses the finest quality leather for their gloves and accessories.

It can be difficult to distinguish between genuine and faux leather. Perhaps the most noticeable difference is cost - genuine leather will cost more. However, it will also last longer and is much more durable than faux leather. Here are some helpful tips to spot faux leather:

~ examine the labels: this may seem quite simple, but it is a very easy way to avoid deception when purchasing leather. Genuine leather products will carry a label identifying it as genuine. Faux leather items are typically fabricated from "manmade materials".

~ note how the edges of these men's faux leather gloves looks puffy.

~ inspect the edges: the edges of genuine leather products tends to look imperfect, as it was used from a skin. The edges of faux leather items will have a puffy appearance, which feels foamy.

~ faux leather gloves can bunch in undesired areas.

~ feel the leather: genuine leather gloves will feel coarse or smooth, depending upon the type of leather used. Ines Gloves are all manufactured from the softest, most exclusive lambskin (apart from the peccary line of gloves), which gives them a unique, high quality feel. Faux leather feels like plastic, and does not confirm to the contours of your hands and arms the way genuine leather does.

~ smell the leather: genuine leather has a characteristic scent that is part of the elegance of leather gloves, and cannot be replicated by any other product. The smell of Ines Gloves will invade your senses the moment you open that delightful black box and move the shiny tissue paper aside.     

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