Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Caring for your Ines Gloves

Ines' unique gloves and accessories are designed to draw attention and make you feel elegant. With wearing leather comes the responsibility of cleaning it properly to ensure long life. We all love to wear our Ines gloves, but what happens when they need to be cleaned??

With these simple steps, you can be certain that your special, cherished Ines Gloves will last a lifetime...

1. Using a dampened, soft paper towel, mix a small amount of leather conditioner into a lather (saddle soap can also be used in much the same way, and should be available at any store that sells equestrian products. In Canada, Home Hardware and TSC locations should carry this.).

2. Slide one glove over your hand and, using the lathered paper towel, gently rub the soap into the soiled areas of the glove. If using a leather conditioner, this can be rubbed over the entire glove to keep the leather soft, supple, and clean.

3. After waiting a brief moment, use a fresh, damp paper towel to rinse away the soap and soil.

4. Follow the same actions with the second glove.

5. Allow both gloves to air dry before returning them to their box and area of storage.

One important note of caution to my fellow leather lovers.... like our own skin, leather can be damaged if rubbed too vigorously. When cleaning, be gentle, and don't over-wet the gloves. This will keep the leather looking fresh and beautiful, without causing the color to fade.

Leather gloves are an investment in fashion and elegance. Keep your leather looking fabulous!

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