Saturday, November 23, 2013

A gentleman's desire for elegance

Years ago, to be seen in public without a pair of gloves would be considering a significant social faux-pas, even indecent. Today, however, gloves are being worn less commonly, but the fashion runways see leather gloves making a huge comeback!

So, before the gentleman steps out in his favorite pair of Ines Gloves, let us examine some important historical rules of etiquette:

~ never exit your home without a proper pair of gloves. For an elegant style that can quickly be made formal or casual, try my man glace peccary leather gloves (see images above).

~ always wear your gloves in public and for formal occasions, with the exception of when eating or drinking.

~ white or cream-colored gloves are more appropriate for evening wear.

~ gray gloves and other darker colors are suitable for daytime wear.

~ do not eat or drink while wearing your gloves!

These rules may be from days gone by, but they can easily be adapted to maintain an air of elegance today.

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