Sunday, November 17, 2013

5 ways to wear a leather skirt

1. The Weekender: wear your favorite leather skirt with a cozy sweater, a long scarf, flats, and a pair of my where are my fingers gloves.

2. Urban Glamour: pair a slim leather skirt with a fitted turtleneck, a long trench coat or wool shawl, a classic belt, and a colored pair of my every day glace leather gloves.

3. Elegant Lady: choose a simple leather skirt with a blouse, fine belt, and my warm silk elegant 3 buttons gloves.

4. Leather at Work: wear an unembellished leather skirt with a long-sleeved t-shirt, a blazer or trench coat, and matching my short every day glace gloves.

5. Night on the Town: this is your chance to really go glam! For this look, you can wear anything! Pair a flared leather skirt with a cropped jacket and a pair of funky my fashion scoop half gloves for a look that is sure to please!

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