Thursday, August 20, 2009

Laura's Glovey Column "Plan B"

One thing I learned the hard way is that a lady always needs a plan B…life would be terribly easy if we came prepared with alternative plans for any situation. It would reduce stress, road rage, aging… anything if you ask me!

Lucky for me, I’m a planner…it’s what I do and it’s what makes me tick. I’m the kind of girl who usually knows what I’ll be doing 3 months from now. Some of my friends appreciate it and others wonder why I would be concerned with ‘3 months from now’ in the first place. Well, it all boils down to being able to look forward to things…when I know I’ll be going on vacation to Italy or I’ll be studying in Los Angeles for the summer, I get more motivated to finish what I’m doing at the moment. So I loosely plan ahead…you never know, things might change and life’s fun or unexpected surprises are part of the deal, but planning is very calming.

Everyone who plans also knows that plans never seem to turn out exactly how you hope them to turn out…even though I’m a planning-veteran, I also know that having a plan B is essential in really making sure your plan(s) will turn out great! I’m feeling a bit embarrassed, but I’ve been planning a certain outfit for a certain night where a certain someone will be…and I’ve played it in my mind tons of times, here’s the jist of my sweet little plan that hopefully will make that certain someone actually SEE me walk by:

            I walk into the room filled with people…I know all the women will be wearing dark colors and short skirts so I decided to wear my favorite jeans (of course, still can’t let them go) with a silky pastel top and my hair in wavy angel-like curls. My black pumps match my little black jacket and when I walk by he’ll look up and think: wow, what a breath of fresh air in this dark and depressing place.

Ok, reality check time: there will be tons of gorgeous women flirting like feisty ferries and I can’t flirt so this little ‘walk-by’ is all I have! I even drew a map for my gay friend to explain in which direction I’ll be walking exactly. My best friend called me yesterday saying: honey, you can’t wear your black jacket…it’s going to be HOT in the venue because so many people are coming. First I thought: Oh no, he probably won’t even see me walk by if it’ll be that hectic and secondly: no jacket?!! I’ve been planning this outfit for 3 weeks, I have to wear the jacket because my silk top is a little too sexy without the jacket…and then I realized I didn’t even have a plan B outfit! Now I know what you men are thinking: why put so much thought into an outfit right? Well…why do you think that that one women at that one place caught your eye? It’s probably because she did her best to look great and was hoping to catch your eye…but it’s also great for your own self-confidence to put some thought into how you want to present yourself.

My little outfit-crisis has to be resolved...I can’t buy anything new because I promised I’d go on a shopping-fast for a month to save for the summer. Hopefully by next week I’ll have come up with the perfect outfit to elegantly strut my stuff in. I’ll keep you posted if it paid off or not!

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