Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Laura's Glovey Column: hip Hong Kong Harmony


Busy streets, fast-paced businessmen, traffic lights, newspaper vendors, ancient temples and high-end fashion streets; in a city with so many extremes and elements that appear to juxtapose each other, Hong Kong is still marked by a sense of harmony. 
Buzzing bee-like taxis envelope Bentleys an
d Rolls Royces while awe-inspiring flagship stores are intertwined into endless malls that are connected by glass hallways that remind me of ant-p
rojects we used to do at elementary school. 
Yes, once you’re in Hong Kong, you’re really in and once you leave Hong Kong you can’t get the city out of 
your head. 
The harmonious beat of the city is addicting, it’s like you are part of a melody you’ve always wanted to be part of…chaos vs. control, uniformity vs. ext
reme elegance. All comes together in a fashion capital that is close to my heart and is eye-candy for anyone with a hunger for anything beautiful. 
Hong Kong makes you wa
nt to be part of the fashion in-crowd. Just walking around there makes you feel cool and part of a system that doesn’t miss a beat in fashion or fun. All good times have to come to an 
end though, but I’ve taken some Hong Kong moments with me to give my summer the glamorous cool-kid twist I want it to 

The extremes of the city inspired me for this coming spring and summer. The gorgeous high-end pastels were off-set by the grayness of the buildings and checkered shirts of workmen…and this made me want to indulge myself with creamy pastels and add a touch of affordable rock ‘n’ roll with a checkered blouse, some pastel gloves, a short black tailored jacket and I’m good to go. Snakeskin is making a stylish come-back…be sure to collect some sssnakey accessories to add some glam to your Hong Kong-look!

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